1. Josephine

    I am living in Singapore, I can sew simple things ans am interested to help out. How am I to know what you need and how to send them to you?

  2. Lorraine Henrietta Lau

    Hi teresa, not sure if this is still active but i was googling and came across what you do. i was thinking about this idea for quite awhile but not sure how to go about doing it. I have a small label and i thought instead of giving money to manufacturers i was thinking of looking for the less fortunate children who have no homes to give them jobs with sewing. all simple stuff. basically i would rather pay the children who need the money rather then manufacturers out there. any ideas? You could contact me directly via henrietta.lau@hotmail.com. thanks so much! its always great to see people help the unfortunate ones. i myself do charity whenever i travel and its always so heartwarming and good for the soul.

  3. I will be doing this! I have used the “Dress a Girl” tute before. It’s a good one! I would love to send some dresses, and hopefully a couple messenger bags, but I’m having trouble following your email link. Contact me at cdfraley85 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I’m so exited to participate!

  4. Anotheryarn

    At the guild meeting you mentioned that the messenger bags should not be huge because the kids use different sized notebook/paper/books. Could you share an ideal size for the messenger bag (also strap length)?

  5. Joysewandsew

    Can I make dresses by another pattern? I have a very simple pattern but it does have two buttons, or do you want them the same

  6. Melaniejbishop

    I just got home from from spending the day with my 2 grandchildren. I sew them something every week. I used my search engine to find “Sewing for a cause”. I have loads of fabric so I will sort out in the morning what I can whip up in the next couple weeks. I am looking for another cause or charity to sew for. Maybe a long term one. One where I have to mail the stuff is okay. But if someone knows of something around the Seattle (Washington) area that would be fabulous also. I love sewing for my grandchildren but they really are not in need and I feel like I just want to do more.

  7. Lee Monroe

    Love this project! Found you through Laurie Wisbrun. My Mom and I are making messenger bags and diapers!!

  8. Lisa

    If I make diapers can you explain turned seams. Is tha sewing rightsides together and turning it back out and close hole?

  9. Handicraftpassion

    Hi I am from Singapore and I would like to participate in this.  However I am only good with doll making.  Will this be ok?  

    Please reply to my email : handicraftpassion@gmail:disqus .com



  10. Kassandra

    Amazing, amazing! I’m thinking this could be huge… imagine kids in home ec – learn basic sewing AND humanitarianism! Spreading the word to all who will listen :-)

    •  Thanks, Kassandra. I would love for the idea of volunteering and humanitarian work to spread far and wide. However people can participate is awesome, whether it is by sewing, by volunteering or by donating money. Everything makes a difference.

  11. Dale Anna

    Hi Theresa!
    I would be delighted to help out and to make some dresses for the little girls. I have soooooo much fabric and I have been looking for a ministry to become involved with. Please email me at: danna3@mail.com

  12. Kellileeann84

    I would like to make diapers and dresses! I live in Colorado when would I need to mail it to you by? what kind of fabrics do you need for the diapers? and cotton for dresses?
    here is my email- kellileeann84@gmail.com

  13. Elnora Chambers

    Look forward to participating in your wonderful sew along, Teresa! Bless you and your kids for all of your good work for these children!

  14. Peggietarr

    What a wonderful joy to see this post.  My son and his family are in Viet Nam now, and have been there for about 6 years.  They adopted my second grand daughter, and, like you, fell in love with these little ones.  They live in HoChiMinhCity now, and have an organization called Tiny Hearts of Hope.org.  Not trying to advertise..just excited to hear of this fundraiser.  I have pinned it to Stacy’s board(my daughter-in-law)  They have Hope Teams come over from here often..how I wish ya’ll could meet.  Is Tam Ky close to HCMC?  I love to sew, and would love this project.  I  will be emailing you later for an address.  God Bless your family.. 

    •  Your kids have been to the orphanages in Tam Ky that we used to volunteer at! In fact, there are pictures on their Facebook page of kids I recognized. How amazing is that!?!

      Will definitely be in touch!

      (and Tam Ky is in the middle of the country, HCM is in the south, Ha Noi in the north)

  15. Kristy

    Delighted to have found your blog and share about your outreach. Looking forward to reading and learning more! :)

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