1. Anya T.

    At my quilt guild’s program on our favorite quilting gadgets…I said my favorite is my credit card! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Debra Kay Neiman

    Whenever I go to the fabric shop, hubby likes to browse the hardware store next door. He always beats me back to the car. I usually have to give him a statement when I return like…did you see any bright lights in the sky? My watch seems to have stopped. I think I experienced missing time. I don’t think he appreciates it though. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. pam cole

    thanks u made my day w this! i love bon qui…on a recent trip to a fabric store i would have loved to use her technique on a VERY cranky shop lady….rude, don’t make me cut you or security would have been a perfectly funny way of handling it…xo

  4. Vicki H

    I seem to be the designated mender in my family, anything from clothes, socks, stuffies and more. Over Thanksgiving I was called upon to fix Superman. I overheard my 4yo grandson tell his 3yo cousin that Grandma can fix anything, EVEN super heroes.

  5. Emily Callender

    I was working for a child care center for internship this semester and overheard the children talking about one boy or ‘the 2 boys with one head’. I was thinking conjoined or something like that and just about died laughing when I found out that we had a set of twins.

  6. Tamie Herin

    When one of my daughters (I think it was the last one) was little and I would ask her to put on her coat she would tell me that she couldn’t because it would make her all hotted up.

  7. Sue Laughton

    You know how annoying seagulls can be? I was making an art quilt with one on it, and I had fused the bird together & set it down on the couch right next to me, as I did some other parts. A few minutes later, I reach for it, ready to fuse it down – and I can’t find it! Took me a half hour to find it…RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE I HAD BEEN SITTING! Now, I find the exact right place for it on the quilt, peel off the backing & stick it there, then go to carry the whole thing to the ironing board. By the time I had walked those 5 steps, it was GONE! Dang, annoying seagull! (I did find it, on the floor at about step 2) It is now safely fused & stitched in place!

  8. Melinda Wolanin

    I am still not far enough removed from being a beginner quilter to find a lot of humour in my frustrations yet, but my almost 3 year old provides me with plenty laughter on the daily. A little while ago, he farted at the dinner and I said “What do you say when you have gas?” He replied, “Thank-you, gas!”

  9. Carmen N

    I asked my 3-year-old daughter this weekend if she wanted to make Christmas cards with me. Her response was “Right on, Mama!” I have no idea where she got that!

  10. Rina Mason

    I was making a t shirt quilt for my niece when I realized I had sewn one row of the blocks on upside down. I was ranting and my niece walked in to find out what was the matter. When I showed her she looked at me and said, ” Leave it that way so when I’m cuddled up in it I’ll be able to read those.” Talk about thinking out of the box and turning a mistake into a something good.

  11. lisamcgriff

    When my children were younger we were riding in the car one day and discussing what everyone was going to dress up as for Halloween. My youngest daughter, very excitedly, says “I KNOW, I KNOW, we can wrap dad in aluminum foil and he can go as a left over”… I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard… he on the other hand was not amused….

  12. Joyce Mosby

    When I first starting teaching- 40 years ago-one of my students threaded the machine from the bottom up. Needle first.
    She wondered why it did not work.

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