1. Misplacedpom

    I’m currently working on a series of quilts, quite stylistically varied, using recycled fabrics. I’d like to do something that more obviously addresses waste and the detrimental effects that fast fashion have on both the economy of developing countries and on the environment.

  2. francoise

    what a moving post.i m also a solo mother. i cant win so ilive overseas
    but it s so graceful to read so moving posts Thanks so much

  3. Becca Barlow

    I’m working out some ideas on how to honor my dad, who has dementia. I treasure the memories of who he was, and want to work that out into a quilt.

  4. Jennifer Dewing

    I would quilt about any and all issues that deal with children in need: abuse, neglect, adoption, foster care, illness/cancer, abortion, …. I love all children, their sweet faces, thei infectious smiles, their need for protection, …. thank you for making your review more than just the eye candy. It’s what we all need sometimes.


    I’ve never been so anxious to READ a quilt book vs looking at all the pretty pictures! Thanks for a chance I’m enjoying the book tour

  6. sharon galli

    I am most interested in health care and children and there are many issues
    my key interests are in autism and in prematurity( not unrelated )—decreasing the occurrence of either

  7. Sharon

    Our small group continues to make quilts for the local women’s shelter so my thoughts would be against domestic abuse.

  8. Jane B

    I’d like to do one that reflected the message “Money can’t buy me love . . .” maybe a wedding quilt.

  9. Patty

    The need for organ donation is very important to me. My father received a kidney transplant. My niece received a heart transplant. Every donor has the ability to save many lives.

  10. Debbie

    I would do one for caregivers of terminal family members. I was my husbands caregiver when he was suffering with cancer. The caregivers really put the heart and soul into it, giving up sleeping and anything that resembles a normal life. It’s really tough and a beautiful quilt would be very appreciated. Thanks

  11. Crystal Cooper

    This is honestly the most inspiring quilt I’ve ever seen. I’d never realised it was possible to quilt words before! Similar to this awe-inspiring example, I’d choose to make a quilt about women’s rights. So many people seem to think that feminism’s day is done, but in my experience true equality is still a long way away.

  12. Katell Renon

    I would love to make a modern scrappy quilt about environmental care. Longing for T. Knauer’s book, it takes some time to get to France!

  13. Jackie

    I actually make a quilt a few years back for my teenage granddaughter who was going through a very rough time thinking that no one really cared for her. I contacted all of our family members and her friends and askedd them to send me a list of words that came to mind–both good and bad–when they thought of her. The quilt was balck and white fabrics with her favorite flowers from her front yard appliqued on the bottom corner. My friend did a wonderful job of quilting all of those words along with the names people who wrote them. It was a very healing quilt for her. It took her quite a few days to discover the quilting. We sat and laughed and cried over all of the messages from everyone. It is her go to quilt when she is feeling down and a reminder of how much she is loved.

  14. I would love to have the message of how asylum seekers are so nastily and negatively portrayed by some media and populist politicians who don’t have a spine or ethical bone in their body, especially the horrid practice of keeping children in detention (sadly my country’s government is particularly disgusting on this issue)

  15. Laura B

    I would like to have a quilt that reminds me to feel happy everyday and to appreciate the little things in life.

  16. Jeanette

    I would like to have a quilt tribute people who struggle with a chronic illness. Especially kids who deal with so many issues trying to get through school when they have to miss many days. The other side of it would show the strength, something strong and persistent…. what it takes for these kids to keep going every day.

  17. Kimberly Carlson

    Being a single mom often means making something out of nothing, right? Or, ‘giving the clothes off your back’ for your children. I propose you use scraps of your leftover clothes to make a child’s quilt. You’re quite literally giving all you have to wrap your child in warmth and comfort. :)

  18. Katelyn Vawter

    I would love to do a quilt that somehow symbolized education, or the lack thereof, in our country. As an educator, it is getting more and more difficult to educate children. The saddest part is that they want to learn – but the ways in which we are told (made) to teach them are ridiculous. Children learn through play, but many are not allowed to do that at school. I would love to make something that shows that struggle.

  19. Maxine Reisenleiter

    I would love to memorialize my mom somehow. She has lived a long life, she’s 90 now, and these last few years have been a test for her stamina. But every day she struggles to maintain her independence and she does it quietly without asking for help unless she’s desperate. She has a lot of dignity.

  20. Michelle Freedman

    I’ve had a type 1 diabetes statement quilt on my mind for a while – this inspires me to make one block for every shot or finger poke my daughter has endured since her diagnosis in 2006. Over 12,000 so far. Great post! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Tamie

    I’d like to convey my oldest daughter’s struggle with mental health issues and the stigma attached to the disease. She is doing wonderful right now, married and has a beautiful seven month old. Oh the journey she has been on to reach this place.

  22. Maryann Scanlon

    So many issues speak to my heart. My granddaughter was raised in a lovely middle class suburb, lots of love but also lots of advantages. She did a post grad internship this year as a counselor in an inner city middle school. She often comes in tears and tells my daughter about her students who come to school hungry, without coats or in shoes with holes. And now understands in a very real way not just from the news or pulpit about poverty and the circle of poverty in our country. I have been pondering on that a lot. Thomas’s book is amazing, ( and I have an “I” too)

  23. Carol J

    There are so many things that I could put down here… Is there a way to convey love in the form of a quilt? Not just love of man/woman, or grandmother to grandchildren kind of love, but the love we should all have for each other? Just something that has been going through my mind for the last little while… From what I have been reading about Mr. Knauer, I would hope to meet him one day – I believe he would be truely inspiring to talk with!

  24. Brighton Claire

    I would make a quilt to acknowledge MND and raise awareness for it – but it would have to be subtle like the excess quilt with a powerful accompanying note. It would be dedicated to my mother.

  25. CarylB

    I would make a quilt in support of early education. Those little minds are so eager to learn and there needs to be an eager parent or someone to feed them!

  26. CindyAG

    I would love to do a quilt for missing children. Each block dedicated to a specific loved one who has not been located yet.

  27. Joanne Jones

    Human trafficking would be my choice. No idea how I would do it, but human slavery is still alive in this world… I made a few blocks for this quilt without knowing the theme. Incredible quilt.

  28. Tabitha Keener

    I would probably do one on reading and literacy. It’s something I’ve always loved and I am always getting anyone I know to try to read something as often as possible! I know I do when I’m not sewing! Thanks


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