1. Rebecca

    I love the needle little case, would make a great little gift for Christmas. My mother who is 93 is still doing counted cross stitch, with this her needles would always be close. thank you

  2. Deb H.

    I can’t wait to make the scissor cozy. We travel a lot and I need something to protect my clothes from the sharp scissor edges.

  3. craftytammie

    I really liked the wagon wheel pincushion! I will have to make one of those. I was gifted a needlecase similar to the one shown and I love it.

  4. Lydia Reading

    The needle book, the lanyard and the scissors cozy. Helps to have them in sight to locate needles and scissors in a messy sewing room.

  5. Leslie Schmidt

    I like Svetlana’s scissors pouch, but I think I would first have to make one of your needle books. I have a tendency to stick my favorite hand sewing needles into a pincushion with other needles, and then I can’t find the good one when I need it! I would have to be selfish and make something for myself first.

  6. Ginger Snaps Lewis

    I love the little pincushions. My mother and ex-mother-in-law are both excellent sewists and I think they would love these. And the needle book too since they both travel to sewing and quilting guilds/meetings.

  7. Kathryn

    I would like to make the Next Bottom Bag, I have a friend who would like to start crocheting and it would make a lovely Christmas present with some yarn and a few hooks inside.

  8. Judith

    I’m definitely making the lanyard. My embroidery scissors always seem to find their way to the bottom of my basket, so the lanyard will help keep them close to hand.

  9. Garilyn

    I love the crafty apron and I’m definitely checking out your pin cushions. I don’t have one and could really use one.

  10. OhioLori

    I would make a few Scissor Cozy’s! Have two Daughter’s & a Sister & BBF that Quilt & Stitch…& of course..one for myself! lol Would definitely make your Sweet Potato, Carrot soup …what a great soup on cold winter days!

  11. made byjane

    I like the crafting apron because I’m imagining myself as this super organized mom who always has a pencil, tape, scissors, tissue, etc. handy… Instead of the messy-house-mom that I am ;)

  12. Vicki Cavazos

    That crafting apron is my favorite! Lots of cute details while still being simple. I think I might gift one to myself ;)

  13. Miranda Evans

    I love the lanyard! We’re moving to a badge system for a lot of doors in our office, so it’s perfect toming for co-worker christmas gifts.

  14. Liz

    Those were all great ideas. I’m already getting my supplies ready for the scissors cozy. Why have I never thought of that before?

  15. sophie

    There are a few gift ideas I liked for friends, but I will definitely make the scissors cozy for myself. Thanks for the giveway–next Sunday is my birthday … I am hoping for some birthday luck.

  16. Debbie

    I’m most likely to make Noodlehead’s pincushion. Though that soup looks tempting too! I appreciated your collection – thanks!

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