Quilting in Public Day is coming up

So June 15 is Quilting in Public Day in the EU, but apparently the celebration hasn’t really crossed the pond yet. I’m thinking we need to bring it on over this year and I hope you’ll join me and take your quilt somewhere out in public to work on. I got an early start, working … [Read more…]

The Tank Team

Have I told you how much I enjoy teaching people how to sew? It’s a surprise even to me! I mean, I knew I liked teaching after leading the EFL classes in Vietnam and it’s blatantly obvious that I love sewing, but putting the two together has been a slow merger. Silly, I know. This … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Threadbias

I’m proud to say I’ve been on Threadbis since the beginning. I’m not even sure how I stumbled onto it early last spring, but I did. It’s been inspiring watching the site grow and develop, adding more sewists and quilters every day. They were super great in helping me spread the word about last fall’s … [Read more…]