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Need a tutorial? Find it here.

Alina over at Adventures in Home Making has rounded up what she deems the world’s best sewing tutorials and has so kindly displayed them for the world to see. She even categorized them for us!

Don’t forget to bookmark this baby. And if you aren’t a regular reader with her, you really should be. She’s always got interesting lists and bits to stir up your thoughts.

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(Sew Darn) Cute Crochet Cozy

You may be familiar with Jenny Ryan’s name if you read She wrote the book Sew Darn Cute back in 2009, but the date isn’t so important, the projects are still absolutely adorable.They are quick and easy (great for beginners!) and I really, really wanted to try out the crochet hook cozy. Continue reading (Sew Darn) Cute Crochet Cozy

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Party! Party! Party!

Of one kind or another, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. My son graduates high school on Saturday and I feel faint at the thought of it, but the party afterward–can’t wait! I am hoping to get the time to make these adorable grad caps out of chocolate that I found on Craft. They originally came from Bakerella and she’s got a spiffy little tutorial on how to make them, both in brown and blue. Sweet!

I’m going to be making up other undecided-as-of-yet foods, as well and I’m sure all of Friday will be spent prepping for the whole mix of family and friends. But the chaos of the day will be worth it; he will be on his way to adulthood. Yay for him!

And a week later, it’s the PDX Etsy party!

With a day filled with crafty fun (freestyle embroidery! Japanese papercutting! Mighty Ugly!?) and quilting, then the evening filled with prizes and food and even more crafts… There’s just too much enjoyment potential. It’s gonna be great, really. I’ve had the opportunity to help out a bit on the planning and I’m stoked. If you’re in Portland, come on down.

If you’re elsewhere, how are you celebrating Etsy day?

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Can anything be too cute? How about this?

I came across something that actually made me yearn just a little for my daughter to be 7 or 8 again. Luckily, I came to my senses and remembered that I have several nieces that age! Phew. But really how can you resist the absolutely adorableness of this bustle backpack?

The Bustle Backpack

I have a fondness for bustles, evidenced by my now-vintage wedding dress. They’re especially delightful on a little girl. Me Sew Crazy has more pics and even offers a tutorial to make it yourself. I think I will be making one for some niece or another since it’s just too cute to not make.